A Small Second Anniversary Patch

Hello again! Almost another whole year has passed since Remeowstered launched! As a small celebration, a new patch with some fixes, adjustments, and additions has been released.

Here are the full patch notes (v1.1.5):

  • Fixed a bug where charged swats weren’t working
  • Fixed a bug where an empty photos UI would show on the pawse screen
  • Fixed a bug where procedural goals could have photo rewards when all photos had been collected
  • Updated flying insect movement to prevent it from going too high or under the floor
  • Increased the maximum camera sensitivity value again
  • Added achievement descriptions to the HUD pop-up
  • Added a different icon to the energy meter while using catnip

As always, thanks for enjoying the game and being the best cats you can be!


Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered v1.1.5 1 GB
Version 6 Sep 14, 2023

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